How I fixed my migraines

For the past 3 years I have been suffering from prolonging and chronic migraines, they can strike at any moment and typically I got one every 2 weeks.

This has held me back in life, in work, in relationships. People don’t seem to understand that I am not trying to avoid social meetings, it’s that I have a migraine. The amount of times I have heard “you always say this” is shocking and I try not to get angry but the number of people that actually understand my issue is very small.

I wish people could appreciate what I went through, and notice I say went. Through the last year I have been making changes to my life that have enabled me to beat this crippling illness.

These are the 5 points which I have changed in my life, which helped beat this!

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water helps your body flush out toxins and waste. It stops concentrated toxic material going through your head which can cause migraines.

I have been drinking a minimum of 4 liters per day, that’s 1 gallon. It sounds rough, but it’s not too bad. To help me out I treated myself to a nalgene bottle. 4 of these a day and I have met my goal, which is easy enough when I stick to:

  1. for breakfast
  2. morning during work
  3. lunch/afternoon at work
  4. during the evening

Drink pure water, do not add crap to it. Your body will only need to filter it out and that defeats the purpose.

Avoid Processed Carbs and Sugar

If you do not how to make it in a kitchen at home, you should not eat it.

If it can’t be made from raw ingredients in your own home, you should not be putting it in your mouth. Avoid processed carbs like corn starch and most bread.

A ketogenic diet (high fat, high protein, low carb) is actually what I went on, I think you should do the same. I have never felt better, the massive amount of fresh vegetables I eat also probably helps.

Avoid Processed Meat

See above! The same points must be made. Avoid “mystery meat” products made from waste animal carcass.

Stick to whole cuts only, ignore those turkey burgers or hot dogs…

For pain, Take Kratom

Do you know how you can give yourself ulcers, kidney damage, liver damage and addition to drugs? Opiates… Just like the ones Doctors kept giving me.

A natural pain killer gets rid of these side effects while completely fixing the issue. It does not make sense to fill your body with Opiates and chemicals when it’s under stress and you have a migraine… So during my last migraines for pain I used kratom powder and it worked brilliantly!


A sedate life is not good for you, as we all know. Keeping on top of basic fitness helps the cardio-vascular system which is brilliant for helping your brain get the nutrients and oxygen it needs to stay healthy.